Rose Bay Marina

The Rose Bay Marina was first officially shown on the subdivision of the Point Piper Estate in 1882.

In August 1963 the public Rose Bay Wharf was removed and in 30 July 1964 approval was given by MSB (Maritime Services Board) for extensions of the boatshed comprising walkway, jetty, breakwater, steps, piles and a catwalk access way.

In 2011 the marina was redeveloped into 49 floating berths at 70 swing moorings.

Point Piper Marina

The earliest record of the Point Piper Marina is the establishment of a cottage along with a boat shed, boat jetty and slip as shown on a survey plan of the site by the Maritime Services Board (now NSW Maritime Authority) dated 30.6.1914.

Between 1927 and the 1932 there was an extension to the boatshed with a residence constructed above during this time.

Between 1936 and 1942 alterations to structures where made by the owner.

In 1975 the marina was upgraded to a fixed timber structure catering for 23 fixed berths and also 100 swing moorings.

The marina was fully redeveloped in 2011 and now accommodates 34 floating berths and 24 swing moorings.